Abstract image representing MAPT chapter 8

Materials, Substrates, and Supply Chain

Materials, Substrates, and Supply Chain

Chapter 8 (Materials, Substrates, and Supply Chain) is focused on the crosscut mission of providing the MAPT Roadmap with input regarding the supply chain, including identification of material and chemical needs used within future generations of advanced electronic package constructions. The following areas will be key considerations for identified packaging categories: Materials for High Reliability, Materials for New Processes, Materials for Electrical Performance, Mechanical Performance/Process Workability, Thermal Management, Reliability/Temperature/Humidity Performance and Environmentally Sustainable Materials.

Chapter contributors

Katie C. Yu (NXP) – Chair
Matt Kelly (IPC) – Vice Chair
Promod Chowdhury (IBM)
Michel Koopmans (Micron)
Ravi Mahajan (Intel)

Mary Ann Maher (SoftMEMS)
Varughese Mathew (NXP)
Benoit Montreuil (Georgia Tech)
Gamal Refai-Ahmed (AMD)
David Roberts (Ereztech)

Suresh Sitaraman (Georgia Tech)
Ganesh Subbarayan-Shastri (Purdue)
Sharad Vidyarthy (Analog Devices)
Ben Wang (Georgia Tech)
Chip White (Georgia Tech)