Abstract image representing MAPT chapter 6

Photonics and MEMS

Photonics and MEMS

Chapter 6 (Photonics and MEMS) addresses important auxiliary technologies essential for memory, computing, sensing, communication etc. This chapter is complementary to the Integrated Photonics System Roadmap – International (IPSR-I) [7]. It is expected that photonics will play a critical role in driving innovations in the post Moore’s law era. Our evolving digital culture will rely evermore heavily on photonics in collecting and moving the data. While integrated electronics may be approaching the physical limit, photonics integration has just begun. In the coming years, we will witness the exciting transition where the manufacturing processes of electronics and photonics are homogenized. The primary scope of the chapter includes: (i) MEMS- and photonics-based sensors and actuators; (ii) integrated photonics for communication, (iii) photonic I/Os for memory and computing; (iv) materials and processing; (v) design & modeling enablement.

7 Integrated Photonics System Roadmap – International (IPSR-I), https://photonicsmanufacturing.org/

Chapter contributors

Chuan Xie (AND) – Chair
Mary Ann Maher (Softmems) – Vice Chair
Guy Eristoff (Tower Semiconductor) – Vice Chair
Farrokh Ayazi (Georgia Techn)
Juthika Basak (Nokia)
Kris Bertness (NIST)
Sunil Bhave (Purdue University)
Mike Burkland (Raytheon)
Benson Chan (SUNY Binghamton)
Brion Cline (Lumoniq)
Bob Conner (3D Glass Solutions)
Jeb Flemming (3D Glass Solutions)
Siddhartha Ghosh (Northrop Grumman)
Jason Gorman (NIST)
Mitchell Heins (Synopsys)
Chris Hinkle (University of Notre Dame)

Anthony Hoffman (University of Notre Dame)
Jennifer Hollingsworth (LANL)
Vladan Jancovic (Northrop Grumman)
Jason Kawasaki (UW-Madison)
Omer Khayam (Google)
Lionel C. Kimerling (MIT)
Sanjay Krishna (Oregon State University)
Gilles Lamant (Cadence)
Babu Mandava (3D Glass Solutions)
Varughese Mathew (NXP)
James Pond (Ansys)
Steven Ralph (Georgia Techn)
Suresh Ramalingam (AMD)
Sandeep Razdan (Cisco)
Dave Robertson (Analog Devices)
Stefan Rusu (TSMC)

Bassam Saadany (Si-Ware Systems)
Shafi Saiyed (Analog Devices)
Umit Sami (Memcus)
Rajinder Sandhu (Northrop Grumman)
Ravi Shenoy (Qualcomm)
Pooya Tadayon (Intel)
Mert Torunbalci (Broadcom)
Joris van Campenhout (IMEC)
Jaime Viegas (Khalifa University)
Ying Wang (UW-Madison)
Tiwei Wei (Purdue University)
Dana Weinstein (Purdue University)
Jim Wieser (Texas Instruments)
Jun Xiao (UW-Madison)
Jie Xue (Cisco)
Todd Younkin (SRC)
Zongfu Yu (UW-Madison)