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Analog and Mixed-Signal Semiconductors

Analog and Mixed-Signal Semiconductors

Chapter 5 (Analog and Mixed-Signal Semiconductors) summarizes the short-, mid-, and long-term outlook for analog and mixed signal processing as it pertains to emerging applications and trends that are driving analog hardware. Analog component hardware is essential to world-machine interfaces, sensing, perception, communication, and reasoning systems, as well as the distribution, delivery and management of power to electrical systems of all types. Information from the physical world is analog and the exponentially increasing number sensors in the world are creating a large amount analog inputs where digitization of these signals would create a digital data load that would be near impossible to consume in downstream digital processors. Analog signals include the wired, wireless and optical communication of digital content, and we are also experiencing exponential growth in the number of communication nodes as well as the amount of data generated by each node. Analog signal processing or processing at the “analog edge” can help mitigate the number of signals that must be processed digitally. The main topics of this chapter include: (i) analog & mixed-signal circuits and processing; (ii) power conversion and management; (iii) intelligent sensing interfaces, and (iv) RF-to-THz devices, circuits and systems.

Chapter contributors

Dave Robertson (Analog Devices) – Chair
Farhana Sheikh (Intel) – Vice Chair
Mark Rodwell (UC Santa Barbara) – Vice Chair
Michael Spencer (Morgan State
University) – Vice Chair
Kaveh Ahadi (NCSU)
Zeshan Ahmad (Texas Instruments)
Jon Chisum (University of Notre Dame)
Allan Cox (Silicon Intervention)
Patrick Fay (University of Notre Dame)
Jeb Flemming (3D Glass Solutions)
Doug Garrity (NXP)

Neelakantan Gopalan (Synopsys)
Deukhyoun Heo (Washington State University)
Austin Hickman (Soctera)
Chih-Ming Hung (MediaTek)
Harish K. Krishnamurthy (Intel)
Hanh-Phuc Le (UC San Diego)
Paul Lesso (Cirrus Logic)
Martin Mallinson (Silicon Intervention)
Babu Mandava (3D Glass Solutions)
Lennart Mathe (Qualcomm)
Patrick Mercier (UC San Diego)

Tawfiq Musah (Ohio State University)
Tomas Palacios (MIT)
Marcus Pan (SRC)
Christian Peters (Bosch
Elena Peterson (PNNL)
Gabriel M. Rebeiz (UC San Diego)
Jason Stauth (Dartmouth College)
Sharad Vidyarthy (Analog Devices)
Michael Vincent (NXP)
Jun Xiao (UW-Madison)