Abstract image representing MAPT chapter 4

Digital Processing

Digital Processing

Chapter 4 (Digital Processing) is focused on digital processing technologies and infrastructures that have permeated into all aspects of our modern society. Today, yield issues, practical limits on thermal design power (TDP), high design and manufacturing costs at advanced technology nodes are increasingly threatening the realization of end-user expectations. At the same time, AI/machine learning applications, advanced cognition needs, blockchains and others have imposed the need to handle ever-increasing data sets and perform increasingly sophisticated computations. Single chip-in-a-package solutions are no longer viable for addressing these data-intensive or high-performance processing needs. Furthermore, processing costs are now dominated by the energy cost of moving data from their point of origin to the processing, including the energy spent in moving data within the microchips that process the data. Heterogeneous integration (HI) of diverse unpackaged dies (chiplets) with a single package, resulting in a System-in-a-Package (SiP) has emerged as a solution to address these challenges.

Chapter contributors

Tayseer Mahdi (Intel) – Chair
Kanad Ghose (SUNY Binghamton) – Vice Chair
Ramesh Chauhan (Qualcomm) – Vice Chair
Kostas Adam (Siemens EDA)
Kaveh Ahadi (NCSU)
James Ang (PNNL)
Kirk Bresniker (Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
Sou-Chi Chang (Intel)
Gary Chen (TSMC)
Yiran Chen (Duke University)
Amitabh Das (AMD)
Alain Diebold (SUNY Poly)
Swaroop Ghosh (Penn State)
Dinesh Gupta (IBM)
Steve Hoover (Redwood EDA)
Jamil Kawa (Synopsys)

Jason Kawasaki (UW-Madison)
Jiyoung Kim (University of Texas/Dallas)
Steve Kramer (Micron Technology)
Markus Kuhn (Rigaku)
Mario Lanza (KAUST)
Rinus Lee (TEL)
Timothy Lee (Boeing)
Wei Lu (University of Michigan)
Matt Marinella (ASU)
Prabhat Mishra (University of Florida)
Subhasish Mitra (Stanford)
Tiago Muck (Arm)
Shashank Nemawarkar (GlobalFoundries)
Andreas Olofsson (Zero Asic)
Gregory Parsons (NCSU)
Marko Radosavljevic (Intel)

Shaloo Rakheja (University of Illinois)
Antonio L.P. Rotondaro (TEL)
Shubham Sahay (IIT/Kanpur)
Seunghee Shin (SUNY Binghamton)
Galen Shipman (LANL)
Yulim Son (SK hynix)
Min Tsao (Siemens EDA)
Brooke Tvermoes (IBM)
Eric Van Hensbergen (Arm)
Jian-Ping Wang (University of Minnesota)
Ying Wang (UW-Madison)
Glen Wilk (ASM)
Jun Xiao (UW-Madison)
Tenko Yamashita (IBM)
Kashyap Yellai (SRC)
Zongfu Yu (UW-Madison)