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Application Drivers and System Requirements

Application Drivers and System Requirements

Chapter 1 (Application Drivers and System Requirements) describes the impacts of a wide variety of application domains and their influence on the direction of key enabling technologies covered by the MAPT roadmap: data center and HPC, mobile communications and infrastructure, edge and IoT, automotive, bio-applications and health, security and privacy, and defense and harsh environments are specific examples discussed. Each of these application areas will evolve in distinct ways and will require domain-specific systems to achieve next-level performance. It is critical that we understand these workloads, the systems that will be built to run them, and their implications.

Chapter contributors

Ameen Akel (Micron) – Chair
Gamal Refai-Ahmed (AMD) – Vice Chair
Madhavan Swaminathan (Penn State) –
Vice Chair
Brice Achkir (Cisco)
Sohrab Aftabjahani (Intel)
Frank Baker (NXP)
Kevin Barker (PNNL)
Ashraf Bastawros (Iowa State University)
Asif Bhatti (America’s Frontier Fund)
Timothy Chainer (IBM)
Krishnendu Chakrabarty (ASU)
Kyeongjae Cho (UT-Dallas)
Stan Chou (SNL)
Richard Chow (Intel)
Srabanti Chowdhury (Stanford)
James Diggans (Twist Bioscience)
Hoa Do (AMD)
Rajeev Dokania (Kepler Computing)
Erica Douglas (SNL)
Mark Downey (Analog Devices)
Ibrahim Gedeon (TELUS)

Swaroop Ghosh (Penn State)
Brett Goldsmith (Paragraf)
Steffen Hellmold (Pithos)
Amr Helmy (University of Toronto)
Dave Henshall (SRC)
Deukhyoun Heo (Washington State
Pravind Hurry (Qualcomm)
Ahmed Hussein (University of Guelph)
Mir IM (SK hynix)
Yousef Iskander (Microsoft)
Steve Kosier (Skywater Technologies)
Stephen Kosonocky (Uhnder)
Timothy Lee (Boeing)
Patrick Madden (SUNY Binghamton)
Rafic Makki (Mubadala Technology)
Sasikanth Manipatruni (Kepler Computing)
Carl McCants (DARPA)
Benoit Montreuil (Georgia Tech)
Jeremy Muldavin (GlobalFoundries)
Scott Norrholm (AMD)
Mike O’Connor (NVIDIA)

Umit Ogras (UW-Madison)
Matt Oullette (AMD)
Partha Pande (Washington State University)
SB Park (SUNY Binghamton)
Dusan Petranovic (Siemens EDA)
Jonathan Pickering (independent)
Rahul Razdan (Razdan Research Institute)
Joshua Rubin (IBM)
Sadasivan Shankar (SLAC Nat’l Lab)
Kevin Sheridan (LANL)
Ness Shroff (Oregon State University)
Ravi Sundaram (Amazon)
Min Tsao (Siemens EDA)
Gene Tsudik (UC-Irvine)
Steven Verhaverbeke (Applied Materials)
Jeffrey Vetter (ORNL)
Andrew Wheeler (Hewlett Packard
Chip White (Georgia Tech)
Lu Yuan (Qualcomm)
Ming Zhang (PDF Solutions)