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Workforce Development

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Workforce Development

KSA Matrix - Supporting Data for Fig. 7.3

Below downloadable KSA Matrix MAPT.xlsx shows knowledge skills and abilities (KSA) mapped to corresponding job functions in the semiconductor industry. The KSA matrix was developed based on the inputs from experts across the semiconductor industry. The content of the KSA Matrix should adapt to the dynamic changes in the landscape of semiconductor talent requirements. To contribute with inputs and help keep the KSA matrix up to date with the current trends in the industry, do the following:

1. Download the file KSA Matrix MAPT.xlsx

2. Review the called “KSA Matrix”

i. Review rows for functions in semiconductor industry.
ii. Review columns for skills required in semiconductor industry.
iii. For any suggestions on new functions and or skills, append new rows as shown in the example.

3. Email the spreadsheet with feedback to kashyap.yellai@src.org